Trade show videos that excite, inform, and motivate

Trade Show Videos Done Right

Trade show videos. If done right, they can grab your client’s attention and close a deal right there on the trade show floor that can mean 7 figures to your organization.

If your target audience is your own sales team, and the goal is to motivate while they are at the […]

I Want To Shoot My Own Video. Now What?

Every now and then we have clients come to us and ask this question:

“What do we need to do if we want to shoot video ourselves?”

That seems like a simple question, and I guess if you think about it, with the clarity of video being provided by cell phones and other non-professional cameras, […]

Need On Camera Talent To Get Your Message Out?

We keep adding new superstars to our on camera talent pool all the time. How often have you felt like your organization has needed someone who’s talented on camera, easy to watch, and a pro’s pro when it comes to delivering your message. Too often we find companies tend to skimp on having a […]

The Creative In-House Approach To Helping Businesses Grow

There are many times when organizations contact us and ask us to go “out of the box” and help them with a creative in-house approach to help their business grow through video.

DynTek, a very creative IT company and long-time partner of ours, is a great example of a company who does just that […]

With Hollywood Sets…Any Video Shoot Is Possible!

We just put a wrap on our first “staged” shoot in the Los Angeles area. Don’t misunderstand, we’ve done thousands and thousands of shoots on all topics, in all settings. This was just the first time that we used an LA area studio to “stage” our hospital and apartment scenes. Wow! We should […]

Video Changes Everything

If there’s ever any doubt about the power of video look no further than what is going on in our world today.

In the NFL, the Ray Rice scandal was barely on the radar until that elevator video was exposed by TMZ. In that case, for Ray Rice, for the Baltimore Ravens, for the NFL, […]

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Written Case Studies Versus Video Case Studies

Watch the video or read the story. Which would you rather do when you go to a website? Don’t stress, there are no right or wrong answers here. This might sound crazy coming from a video production company who’s bread and butter is creating high quality videos for the web, but we don’t think […]

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Everyone Now and Then it’s Nice to Know When…

This might be one of the shortest blogs that Webstorytellers every writes. Often times, no matter what industry you’re in, it’s nice to know when others quietly recognize and appreciate the quality of your work, and how you go about your business. This is an email that we recently received below from a client […]

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A New Website…and a New Era!

Webstorytellers is pleased to showcase our brand new website (! You’ll note that it is super easy to navigate. Our customers want to see video, video, and more video samples of our work. That’s why our site is chalk full of a wide variety of videos. You’ll see videos with voice-over, video testimonials, video […]

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I just got back from a trip overseas and completely enjoyed my experience shooting at Siemens in Munich, Germany.

The folks there treated us especially well, and our client couldn’t have been better to work with.


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