OCEAN DRIVEA trip to Miami to do a video shoot is about as good as it gets. We just got back from a three day stay in south beach and once again I am reminded why I need to look long and hard to see if I have any long lost relatives who might own one of those basketball court sized yachts that are parked outside the zuma restaurant/bar along the Miami river. Wow.

But as impressive as the sites were (literally everywhere) and as great as the weather was, I flew out of town with some video we are going to be very proud of. We captured some of the best law firm video that we have ever shot. When other attorneys in Miami see how our client is leveraging video on his website, they will have no choice but to call their marketing manager and ask him/her what he/she has been doing! The difference professional video can make on a law firm’s site can be breathtaking. How many attorneys have text, more text, still images of serious faces, law school bio information, and more text on their websites? This group we just shot is about to jump off of their web page and into the living rooms, laptops, iPhones, iPad’s, social media sites, and other such places, where new clients can find, get to know, get to trust, and get to like them.

I can’t go into many details at this point but the unique approach (and drop dead killer location of the shoot) our client chose, and the way we shot it, is a flat out difference maker for our client. When every day people in need of legal advice in this firms areas of expertise, watch and listen to the videos we are producing, they will likely call our client on the spot. Between you and me, not all the video coming out of Miami has to feature Lebron James and the Brazilian butt lifts featured prominently on south beach (though, let’s give credit where credit is due:) The video that is about to be produced and edited for our client will soon be must see TV—-on the web. Stay tuned!