If plastic-surgeryever there was an example of how video can help a plastic surgeon market his practice, the story of Dr. Richard Hamilton is it.

Dr. Hamilton is a plastic surgeon in Adelaide, and the owner of Leconfield winery in South Australia http://www.leconfieldwines.com/about-us. As a storyteller, can you imagine what we had to work with in telling the world about this unique chap? Dr. Hamilton is one of those rare people that you’ll come across in life where you quickly realize that he is who he appears to be. Though he acknowledged early on that most Australian plastic surgeons haven’t dipped their toes into online video just yet, he saw the value in it and decided to (as they say in Australia) “give it a burl (try it).”

Just think, if someone is looking to have a rhinoplasty done in Australia, or a facelift, or a breast augmentation, where will they go in 2011 to see who’s credible, experienced, and capable of doing the best job possible? It’s probably not the Australian yellow pages! People around the world are turning to the internet and have been doing so for quite some time. That’s the opportunity that Dr. Hamilton saw. His credentials, experience, and demeanor with his patients truly do set him apart from his direct competitors in Adelaide, Australia. Not only that, but his office is surrounded by a garden that has more roses than Miss Australia on valentines day! It’s part of the ambiance at Hamilton House that makes this place unique and special. Inside his office, there are freshly cut roses in every room, a comfortable front lobby area, an on-site surgical center (that is ultra convenient for patients), and a staff that goes out of its way to make sure every patient feels like they are the “only” patient.

When doctor Hamilton talks about his staff, his family history, his credentials, his experience, his after care and recovery center next door for out of town patients, and why he loves doing what he does, people listen. Why? Because he is very eloquent when he speaks, he’s Dinky-Di (the real thing), and he truly wants to help his patients, not just take their money and move on to the next one. When patients see the video that we shot on his website, they will get to know him in a way that isn’t possible right now with simple text and images on his current website. His current site is very, very good, but wait till you see the video component and how it will bring his web pages to life.

Dr. Hamilton told us that there is a definite correlation between the two professional passions in his life, plastic surgery and wine making. It can be summed up with one word: Balance. To have a great result either way he says, you have to have balance. I don’t want to say any more about what we shot, or what makes this wonderful person special in south Australia, because his videos will tell the whole story. But if you ever find yourself down under, look Dr. Hamilton up. His plastic surgery results are phenomenal and his wine is world class.

Other plastic surgeons from Adelaide to Melbourne and Sydney will no doubt take notice when Dr. Hamilton’s video website is revealed to the world. It combines the best of what excellent online video is supposed to be all about; It features a great person, with a great story, and great results.