Following A Dream…

Five Years ago, we had a dream to create dynamic, professional and affordable online video, that could be available to every business in every part of the country. Fast forward to today, and the month of March shows us why we are so thankful we followed our dream and didn’t veer off path and jump [...]

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Follow The (IT) Leader!

Isn’t it great when a kids game plays out in the adult world? Remember the game, “follow the leader?” Well, that game is happening from coast to coast in the video world. The major IT companies (Cisco, HP, Citrix, etc…) are once again leading the nation when it comes to marketing trends for their corporations [...]

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Is It A Video Player or an SEO Magnet?

The new video player that is featured on the brand new Webstorytellers website, http://www.webstorytellers.com is absolutely a sign of the times! In 2011, it’s not only important that you have video on your website, but that your video is housed in a player that can do more than just show the pretty pictures and sound. The new [...]

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