This might be one of the shortest blogs that Webstorytellers every writes. Often times, no matter what industry you’re in, it’s nice to know when others quietly recognize and appreciate the quality of your work, and how you go about your business. This is an email that we recently received below from a client of ours who had someone else ask who did their video for them. That might be one of the best compliments a video production company can receive.

Here’s the email:

“I just had a client ask who produces your video work? They saw the clips below and really liked them. The client does storage virtualization software, they are not a competitor.
Would you be comfortable sharing the name of the production company, or, is this done internally?”

We do video for this client all around the world. How nice to see that others like what we’re doing. It’s not about Webstorytellers. It’s about our clients. We want to represent them with the highest quality work so that their video works for them and represents them as a world class company. Now, back to work!