There are many reasons why we’re different, but if we had to choose three things, they would be, cost, approach, and background.

No one can compete with the cost of our products. We keep our overhead low. We can produce high end stories and videos for a fraction of what most our competitors charge. And we do so with a smile on our face.

Our approach is very different. We have ideas on how to put your best foot forward, but we respect your vision and what “you” want to do with your video. We work with you. We don’t dictate what you need. Though we can do all of the projects that “typical” video production companies can do, we are extremely skilled in web video and in providing a “third party” endorsement for companies with our “TV-style” stories. We offer male and female reporters, all of whom have worked in TV newsrooms around the country. Some of our reporters have reported on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, and other major networks. We know how to write catchy, compelling tv-style stories that give our clients the opportunity to tell their story without coming across as though they are bragging or without the feel of a typical commercial. Oh, we also have offer the best video player on the market, have editors who “get it” the first time around, and we all work “with” you respectfully, every time.