cameraShould you use a Flip Cam or hire a professional video production company to produce quality corporate video? That’s a question we hear people debating all the time.

The short answer is, both can be effective, depending on what your goals are and how you decide to leverage your video.

If you have a Flip Cam, a tiny budget, and want to correspond with those in your network with video, the Flip Cam can really work magic for you. It provides wonderful HD quality video, and can help you humanize your relationship with your contact person on the other end. The upside is, you can talk face to face (sort of) and have a real relationship with anyone, anywhere, anytime, with the quick and easy functionality.

I’m surprised we don’t see more people using Flip Cam video on things like sales consultations, in-house training, and just “quick hello’s” to top clients via email. That being said, while there’s a time and a place for the Flip Cam, sometimes, it absolutely makes more business sense to hire an affordable, legitimate video production company to handle your “high priority” video needs. Why? Let’s put it this way. If your company spends thousands and thousands of dollars on your corporate website, why would you put video out there for public consumption, that looks like it was shot by a family video camcorder? The unspoken message is that you are “skimping” on putting your best foot forward. If you are skimping on video with hard to hear (or tin can sounding) audio, poor lighting, poor framing, and shaky video, what else might you be skimping on? Fair or not, that’s the impression companies give out when they don’t take their own website marketing seriously. We don’t believe any video is better than none. The truth is, poor video can send potential clients running for the hills and go directly to your competition! Don’t risk it.

You also don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for quality corporate video. We’ve been in the video production business for 5 years, after spending the first dozen or so years of our professional lives in the TV news industry. We’ve seen some great, and affordable, video production companies, and we’ve seen some who are so unreasonable when it comes to price, that it’s borderline criminal! Great video doesn’t have to carry a hefty price tag. Do your homework, ask the proper questions, and seek advice from those in the video industry who you trust. The money spent on professional video can keep your cash registers ringing all year long!

For those of you who “don’t give a flip” about video, I hope we didn’t waste your time! 🙂