DATA CENTERIsn’t it great when a kids game plays out in the adult world? Remember the game, “follow the leader?” Well, that game is happening from coast to coast in the video world.

The major IT companies (Cisco, HP, Citrix, etc…) are once again leading the nation when it comes to marketing trends for their corporations and their partners. It isn’t surprising to us that those who are leading the way in “cutting edge” technology, are now leading the way in cutting edge marketing. Who would have ever thought that? We’ve had very competent people in the IT world tell us that the industry itself has a reputation as being a bit “nerdy” and “techy.” I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that there’s nothing “nerdy” or “geeky” about telling the world what you do, what sets you apart, and how successful you are making others along the way, through well thought out, professional video. It’s understandable that many companies haven’t quote caught on to the video rage at this point. Many businesses are just stuck in their old ways of doing things, and that’s just a part of professional life for some. But those same companies can turn around their image, their identity, and their bottom line, if they look no further than what some of the most successful companies in the world are doing.

Companies like Cisco, HP, Citrix, and many others are using video to showcase their successes. There are few things more powerful than video testimonials versus the old school written versions, video success stories, and video case studies. If done right, these can move people to purchase products, ideas, and can turn in to new long-term business relationships. The other industries that are leveraging video to the max include cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons, and lawyers. They seem to get it too. Why would a company “not” do a video to tell the world who they are?

If you’re a business that has a website, look no further than the end of a professional video camera for answers on how to grow your business in 2011! Follow the leaders, we think you’ll be glad you did!