DREAMFive Years ago, we had a dream to create dynamic, professional and affordable online video, that could be available to every business in every part of the country. Fast forward to today, and the month of March shows us why we are so thankful we followed our dream and didn’t veer off path and jump right back into the news industry.

In March we are producing online videos for businesses in Miami, Buffalo, Orange County, CA, two in Australia, Jackson, MS, New Orleans, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Milwaukee, and possibly New Jersey, Dallas, Denver, and Cincinnati. We are planning our month with a humble heart and an appreciation of some wonderful clients, who understand the power of online video. We are so thankful for the opportunity to not only provide video for our clients, but to serve them with a smile, and try to create the absolute best video product we can for the best price we can.

When we started this venture five years ago, I had a news manager in San Francisco tell me that I could always come back and work there “if this little business idea didn’t work out.” She was genuinely being nice, so I can understand where she is coming from. In many cases, bright ideas don’t always work out. But we are working hard, working smart, and absolutely loving what we do.

We haven’t “made it” by any stretch. The way we live and work, we’re always a work in progress and no matter how successful we become, we always know we can do better. We are always striving to improve our game, both personally and professionally. If any of our clients read this, thank you so much. If anyone else stumbles across this, who may have a bright idea, we can only hope you have the courage to go for it. No matter what, it’s a worthwhile way to spend some positive energy and meet some incredible people along the way!