The new video player that is featured on the brand new Webstorytellers website, is absolutely a sign of the times! In 2011, it’s not only important that you have video on your website, but that your video is housed in a player that can do more than just show the pretty pictures and sound. The new video player that we’re offering our clients has several advantages over the garden variety players on the market today.

The brand new Video Website Player is bigger, bolder, and is what amounts to a flat screen TV for the web! It is designed to capture interest and engage people to the video they are watching that’s all about your company. This player fits perfectly with our vision to create web video that is “exactly” what people are used to watching on TV.

You’ll also notice that directly to the right of the video screen is a “description box.” This feature gives the person who’s about to view your video, a brief description of what the clip is all about. Not only is that description box user friendly, it also (combined with the transcripts feature) helps your SEO value, which can increase your company’s chances of getting found online.

The next three items are great too! Directly under the player you’ll see the “Home Page, Contact Us, and Share with friends” functionality. They allow people to “act” on what they just saw directly from your player. In other words, if someone liked your video and wanted to buy your product, they can contact you directly from the video player while they’re thinking of it. How nice is it that someone can watch your video from your website, then send it directly to another associate or friend? It’s simple and effective!

All of this is great, but now it’s time to get down to the real good stuff! The videos! You can see row after row of videos that are separated by categories. So, if someone wants to watch your story, they can easily find it. If someone wants to watch testimonials, they are all right there on the same line under the testimonial category. The same things goes for Case Studies, Overview stories, Product videos, or whatever other videos you have on your site. This makes the user experience super easy and they’ll appreciate how easy it is to find out everything your business has to offer.

Lastly, no matter what color your website is, we can skin the player to match your site. Every player is customizable and really takes your site to the next level!

So, I guess you could say the new video player that Webstorytellers is offering is a video player “and” an SEO magnate, and much, much more!