When is “fresh” not good (said no one ever!)? Webstorytellers is expanding into the world of digital signage, and our first video sample is so fresh, it’ll make your mouth water and make you want to go run a mile (or at least think about running a mile)!

When putting together digital signage, we think it’s important to make it colorful, eye-popping, big, bold, and yes, FRESH! That’s what we did for a healthy juice bar company in New Jersey. What’s great about these digital signage videos is that they can be used in a store, at a trade show, in emails, on social media, and much more. They are versatile and affordable. Even better, the turnaround time on something like this will blow your mind.

If you are going to a trade show anytime soon, or maybe you just need to get your product in front of eyeballs on social media or email, these types of videos can launch you into a whole new galaxy when it comes to expanding your brand.