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We keep adding new superstars to our on camera talent pool all the time. How often have you felt like your organization has needed someone who’s talented on camera, easy to watch, and a pro’s pro when it comes to delivering your message. Too often we find companies tend to skimp on having a pro do the on camera work by having someone at the office go on camera and try to read a teleprompter. Reading a prompter seems simple—and it is for a pro. But if you think it’s a piece of cake, just watch your local news. With all due respect to many of my former colleagues in TV news, even the “pro’s” have issues reading prompter and sounding natural sometimes.

Nothing can kill your branding message quicker than having people tune out because of a poor on-camera read. We can handle the green screen, the talent, the prompter, and the whole nine yards anytime you like. We can even help write the script for you!

Let’s talk about how easy the process is. Ask for Greg when you call or email us on our “contact us” tab.