Doing business with video production companies is vastly different than it was even 12 months ago. At least that’s what we’re seeing at Webstorytellers (

All but gone are the days where a video team shows up, shoots video, hands it over the client, and says, “good luck!”

Today, partnerships are upping the ante for video production companies are serious about helping their clients succeed online.

For example, Webstorytellers, a nationwide video production company based in Southern California, has partnered with a group that allows WST to provide written case studies—that compliment their video case studies. The results are dynamic.

Webstorytellers has also partnered with a group that provides a video player that is not only social media friendly, it has also partnered with a company that allows WST clients to interact with the video they are watching. In other words, WST clients now have the ability to watch a video in its entirety, or they can click on an embedded link that pops up and go directly to a different portion of the video that they are really interested in. Can you imagine watching a story on TV but having the ability to “cut to the chase” to watch just the part that you are most interested in? You can do that now if you are like us and DVR every show. But now you can do it with online video.

In addition, Webstorytellers now offers complete web design services, flash tutorials, direct mail marketing, video SEO services, social media packages, and much more, all because of strategic partnerships within the industry. This gives WST clients a comprehensive “one-stop shop” to shoot video “and” market it so that it works—-converts—and drives people in the front doors of our clients.

We enjoyed the good old days of a year ago, but times are changing, and we are glad to be a part of it!