Social Media. How many times do you hear those two words in every day conversation?

We hear it all the time, and for good reason. Social media works!

We think the day is coming soon (if it’s not here already) where you will start to see more and more video as part of most every Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts provided by companies.

As a result, we believe a 2011, social media friendly version of the old green screen intro videos can work wonders for every business that has a Facebook page or Twitter account.

When you watch this video…, you will see how easy it is to have a call to action and drive people directly to your website with these short, inexpensive “about us” videos. They really do work. For those who may have a business listed on a directory, a YouTube channel, or other outbound sites, this type of video is absolutely ideal.

Something to think about the next time you post something on your company’s Facebook page. Wouldn’t a short social media video like this help?