tanning salonWith all the sunshine California receives, you’d never guess that the tanning salon industry can do as well as it does.

I am not going to take the time to look up the stats on how well that industry performs in California, but I was curious about how many YouTube hits this video that we produced has had since we shot it three years ago.


The answer is more than 68,000 views!

The compression rates that we used back then are nowhere near what we have today. Our video today is crystal clear and HD quality video. But when tanning salons and other businesses realize how many eyes can find their place on their website and on the major search engines, they will quickly discover the power of online video.

68,000 plus people found this company that would have otherwise perhaps never heard of them!

When you combine videos like this that go on company home pages, on the major search engines, and on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the results and increased revenue potential is exciting and tangible.

It’s great to see that videos are doing amazing things for companies from California to New York and everywhere in between!