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There are many times when organizations contact us and ask us to go “out of the box” and help them with a creative in-house approach to help their business grow through video.

DynTek, a very creative IT company and long-time partner of ours, is a great example of a company who does just that on a regular basis. Their marketing team inspires us with “their” creativity—and we love helping them make their creative visions come to life.

Their idea this time around? Superheroes. Yes. Superheroes. They wanted to help inspire their sales team by equating them with the superheroes in the Marvel Comics world at a big sales meeting. When you watch the video (or even see the image attached to this blog) you can see we met their needs. Our editors toes curl when they get assignments like this. They get excited, or as they put it, they “get stoked!”

Watch the video and you’ll see that we can help you with “any” idea you may have. Or if you are struggling with an idea to sell your brand or product, or even to inspire your team to reach it’s potential, we can help.

We have teams from coast to coast and can shoot video on location—or we can create illustrations, cartoons, or animations, to help you realize your creative goals. Let’s get this party started!