Trade Show Videos Done Right


Trade show videos. If done right, they can grab your client’s attention and close a deal right there on the trade show floor that can mean 7 figures to your organization.

If your target audience is your own sales team, and the goal is to motivate while they are at the trade show, the results can be the same. After all, a motivated sales force is a money-making sales force.

Unfortunately, we see a problem out there in the trade show video world. Many companies don’t know how to put them together (beyond a power point) and they don’t leverage them properly.

There are cases where “factoid” driven trade show videos can be played on a loop with great content and information that’s easy to view…and can keep the interest of those who walk by your booth. However, many companies have interviews that are featured in their booth videos, but show attendees  can’t hear them! That’s a problem, and a waste of everyone’s time.

If your organization is going to take the time, energy, and money to put together a trade show video, make sure it’s polished, displayed properly, and if there’s audio, make darn sure that everyone can hear it. Even if you have to use headphones, do whatever it takes to make it easy for the trade show attendees to see and hear your message.

Many of our clients come to us for a variety of trade show videos including the following;

  1. Pre-trade show videos to fire up their sales teams. This is a sample of a video we did for a client to have their sales team think “bigger.” It was displayed on three huge screens at a private sales team meeting inside the trade show hall. We thought bigger and produced this monster that was met with a standing ovation.
  2. Trade show video testimonials. This interview was shot at a trade show without all the noise and the crazy backgrounds. It was shot at a hotel suite in Vegas just up the elevator from the floor. The result? A well told story in a beautiful, quiet setting.
  3. Event recap videos. Let’s face it. Not everyone can make it to the trade show. Why not show them what they missed and bring them up to date. Event recap videos can be a great conversation starter with prospective new or existing clients who couldn’t attend the show.
  4. Event Personality Videos. If your company hires a major act to perform at your trade show, you have to tell the world about it. This video shows that not all IT companies are stiff and all business all the time. When Kid Rock is hired, you have to capture it and share the goods!
  5. Creative Show Openers When our clients come to us and say “have fun with this!” we jump at the chance. We put this super hero sales team trade show video together for a client who just wanted to have some fun. Gotta love that.

Keep in mind, there should be no limit to your imagination when it comes to putting together a trade show video for your next event. Producing a piece outside the box requires a thoughtful, planned out approach, and it requires a company who can brainstorm with you, write the script if necessary, and do whatever it takes for your organization to accomplish your goals.