The Importance of Finding The Right Person To Represent You On Camera

So, you are ready to tell the world about your amazing new product or business idea.


The product is a real game-changer, the folks in marketing have done a bang-up job in creating the vision to help tell the story, and now all you need is the right person to hop in front of the lights and camera, and you are ready for action!

Sounds perfect right? It is “if” (and that’s a BIG “IF”) you have the right person representing your organization or your product on camera.

If you have a person who is calm, well spoken, poised, and conversational, you are well on your way to video greatness! If you have a person who sounds scripted, is disheveled on camera, and who is, shall we politely say, “boring as a box of rocks,” then you are well on your way to Disaster-ville!

Too often, organizations put an “expert” on camera who just can’t articulate the message.

It’s not that he or she doesn’t know the product, (heck the person could have created the product) it’s just that they are not the best person to feature throughout the video. The primary speaker on camera should be interesting, informative, and easy to understand. If you want to add the “expert” for a few seconds because of office politics, or because you don’t want to hurt the expert’s feelings, that’s fine. Just don’t make that person the featured speaker or the only one telling the story.

We can’t stress enough how the wrong person on camera can destroy your video and your goal of selling your product. Make absolutely sure you have the right person and you’ll find yourself in Happy-Town, not the dreaded Disaster-ville.

Here’s one of the best speakers we’ve ever interviewed and featured in one of our videos:

Duplicate this—and you’ll rock!