On location in our

On location in our “pretend” hospital.

We just wrapped up a shoot featuring how technology is helping the patient/doctor experience in hospitals around the country. We hired actors and actresses as doctors, patients, friends, and nurses to make it all happen. This is also the first time that we used a private LA area studio for the hospital and apartment scenes. Every client we have should know that if they need a video shot featuring any particular industry, in LA, anything is possible! On this one location alone we had a full-on hospital, apartment, jail, interrogation room, morgue, an old school cafe, a flower shop, and much more. The huge benefit of stages like this is that we have complete control of the surroundings and the setting. There are no unwanted visitors walking around, no loud noises (unless we make them!) and a completing controlled setting. Can’t beat it. If your organization needs anything shot—but you’re not sure if you can get a quiet place to cooperate, let us know. We can pretty much guarantee that we have access to set just for you!