We just put a wrap on our first “staged” shoot in the Los Angeles area. Don’t misunderstand, we’ve done thousands and thousands of shoots on all topics, in all settings. This was just the first time that we used an LA area studio to “stage” our hospital and apartment scenes. Wow! We should have done this years ago!

We’re not going all hollywood on anybody, but (and you knew there had to be a but) we are now re-thinking how we can help our clients who want something shot in a particular industry—but get frustrated because they have to jump through so many hoops just to get a location.

On our sets that we just shot in…there were no unwanted noises, no unwanted people wandering in the shot, and nobody watching the clock waiting for us to leave so that they could head home for the day. We had 12 straight ours (we only used 11) of pure privacy.

That made this shoot amazing—and the “staged” areas we used—look better than most real hospitals and apartments. Plus, we didn’t need it this time around, but on this one set, we had access to a jail, an interrogation room, a morgue, a cafe, a flower shop, and much more. It’s all fake, but it’s reallllllly “real” looking.

Bottom line….if you have an idea for a video shoot…but can’t secure a space…no matter where you are in the country…we can help take all of that pressure away. We’ve got a stable of actors and actresses…access to the best studios in the country…and can help you today. That’s a wrap!