Watch the video or read the story. Which would you rather do when you go to a website? Don’t stress, there are no right or wrong answers here. This might sound crazy coming from a video production company who’s bread and butter is creating high quality videos for the web, but we don’t think it’s wrong to say that in many cases, we prefer to both watch the video “and” read the story!

Many of our clients are just getting smarter about how they leverage the videos that we produce for them. In some cases, they want the video to tell the entire story. We love that. But in other cases, they are having us produce 3-minute videos that touch on the main 4 or 5 bullet points that they are trying to get across, and then adding the written story, which is often more in-depth, right next to it.

In the IT marketing world, there are few things that are more powerful than having a written case study that is positioned on a web page right next to the video case study. The video case study “gets someone’s attention” and creates an appetite for the viewer to dive in deeper to the written case study. That’s the best of both worlds. If you offer complex solutions, you know how difficult it can be to explain something in three minutes and hope that you get the sale. The video/written case study combo-pack takes care of that for you.

You should know that IT companies are making hundreds of thousands (or more) of dollars showcasing why people should do business with them, by putting the spotlight on their video (and written) case studies. They work.

If you need a written case study and/or a video success story, Webstorytellers offers both. Now that we offer written case studies, it’s like have a new toy on Christmas morning! So, the next time someone asks your marketing director if they should get a video case study or a written case study, just tell them to order both like they might order a meal at their favorite eatery. Just ask for the video case study as the main course, with an order of the written case study on the side.