Written Case Studies

Webstorytellers is, of course, a full service, nationwide video production company. But did you know that we write written case studies as well?

It’s true! Remember, our background is in “storytelling.” Our writers have spent the bulk of their careers in TV news. Writing is at the core of what we have always done.

What’s in it for you? That’s simple. All you have to do is send us the information, and we take it from there. We write it up and send it back to you in a New York minute! If you have a template that you want us to put the content in, no problem. If you’d prefer that we create a template for you, that’s fine too. Our turnaround time on written case studies will shock you. We don’t mess around.

Some of our clients prefer to have a video case study “and” a written case study featuring soundbites from the stories we shoot. That combo pack is fantastic when you are trying to sell something to your clients.

Looking for an on-staff writer—who’s not on your staff? Give us a shout, we’ve got you covered!


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